How Employers Transform Pharmacy Benefits – Understanding the Continuum Toward Alignment Between Plan Sponsors, Members, and PBMs to Achieve Maximum Savings

About this Webinar Series

Wednesday, March 31; 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET

The rising costs of drugs, and the system in which pharmacy benefits have traditionally been paid, has led many employers on a journey to reexamine the model they’re in as they realize the spend and outcomes they’re receiving are not a good value for the dollars they are paying. Whether you’re in a traditional model of being carved in with your carrier; carved out to one of the Big Three (ESI, Optum, or CVS); or carved out to a pass-through PBM, this discussion will challenge your thinking and walk you through where opportunities for savings still exist and how to get them.

  • Understand the financials of a traditional model by reviewing the spread to determine whether it’s truly aligned with your best interest
  • Uncover how much plan sponsors can be taken advantage of by examining the magnitude of margin retention and inability for some to unbundle their medical/pharmacy benefits
  • Explore how those who have exited the traditional PBM model in favor of a pass-through/fully transparent model may still be leaving money on the table
  • Describe how to use transparency offered in a pass-through model to help your employees and their family members utilize pharmacy benefit more efficiently
  • Consider the impact on your benefits team in implementing different models, and hear about the level of satisfaction from employees of different models
  • Discover the value gained through high touch, high tech, careful steerage, transaction-by-transaction arbitrage between the full supply chain of retail establishments as well as capturing the unit fill price, ingredient price, that come from measuring out the right drug at the right time


W. Scott Brewster
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
90 Degree Benefits
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Lee Lewis
Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager of Medical Solutions
Health Transformation Alliance (HTA)
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Thom Stambaugh, RPh, MBA
Chief Pharmacy Officer

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At Flipt, we are determined to disrupt the status quo and invent a new kind of pharmacy benefit management. Our mission is to give plan sponsors an easy-to-implement benefits solution and plan members an easy-to-use platform that lowers costs by promoting price transparency and consumer choice while better aligning interests throughout the healthcare system.

The Health Transformation Alliance is the nation’s premier healthcare innovation cooperative consisting of more than 60 large, self-funded employers like American Express, IBM, Verizon and Walgreens. With unique solutions across data & analytics, pharmacy, medical and consumer engagement, the HTA’s mission is to reduce healthcare spend, improve outcomes and save lives.