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    IMC (Integrated Musculoskeletal Care) grew from a small clinical practice established in the early 1990’s in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1995 the Florida-based practice hired lead researcher, Chad Gray, who realized the tremendous lack of reliability in the way musculoskeletal disorders were diagnosed, treated, and managed across the healthcare industry. To close this industry gap, Gray enlisted globally recognized, Mark Miller, to assist in comparative effectiveness research, and together they launched IMC utilizing its Outcomes-AccountableTM Standard of Care to broaden the original clinic’s reach and accelerate the overall reduction of MSD incidence, prevalence, and costs in every feasible market. Since inception, IMC has launched major corporate pilot programs and in-house clinician support for brand-name, Fortune 500 partners as well as established a world-class network of education, training, and treatment facilities to improve lives and productivity.