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  • Regenexx is a network of physician experts. We pioneered the use of orthopedic bone marrow concentrate to treat common orthopedic conditions to help people avoid surgery using cells from their own body.

    Regenexx is the world leader in research published on the use of bone marrow concentrate for orthopedic conditions, and we created the field of interventional orthopedic protocols, the use of your body’s natural healing abilities to repair orthopedic injuries non-surgically. Our approach is rooted in our research and is constantly being refined and developed as we continue to lead the way in finding better methods for harnessing your body’s own healing agents to repair damaged tissue. Our proprietary protocol leads to arguably the world’s most advanced platform for in-office interventional orthopedics. Regenexx created a program for self-funded employers to help manage orthopedic costs by replacing many common elective orthopedic surgeries with precise image guided injections. Regenexx can reduce the cost of individual surgeries by up to 70%.

    Learn more about Regenexx how they help employers take control of their health care spend. Visit for more information.