Validated Program Report

Validated Program Report

Prescryptive Health

Prescryptive Health is a healthcare technology company delivering solutions that empower consumers. Prescryptive’s secure, mobile-first products connect employers, consumers, pharmacists and prescribers, providing people with the information they need to make informed decisions and take better control of their health. Prescryptive Health is putting an end to the nation’s prescription drug debacle by empowering consumers to take charge of their medication costs with the world’s first prescription intelligence platform. Prescryptive is eliminating middlemen from the drug market by delivering to consumers a simple, mobile experience that integrates in real-time with their benefit plans and healthcare providers. The Prescryptive platform is unique: it knows consumers, guides them with information, engages them in their care, and inspires better health. It sends mobile alerts to consumers with personalized information and pricing options when it matters most, guiding care discussions with their doctors for more informed prescription purchase decisions. For employers and health plans, Prescryptive helps to empower consumers, cut costs, and inspire better health. To learn more about how we’re rewriting the script, visit

Savings Review for Prescryptive Health

Prescryptive Health Pharmacy Benefit Management

Employers and plans who use Prescryptive Health for their pharmacy benefits have lower PMPM pharmacy benefit costs than those using traditional PBM’s.

Contractual Integrity Review for Prescryptive Health

Prescryptive Health Client contract

Prescryptive’s model contract submitted in October 2022 meets the Validation Institute standards for transparency.