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Proactive MD

Proactive MD provides a total healthcare and population health management solution for employers by partnering with them to offer Advanced Primary Care Health Centers for employees. The Proactive MD model is designed to elevate the standard of primary care, going above and beyond the typical boundaries of healthcare to meet each employee’s unique mental, emotional, social, and physical needs. Proactive MD ’s care model is built on the foundation of strong Physician-patient relationships and onsite Patient Advocates, empowered by advanced population health insights, who personally guide and advise employees through the full healthcare system. Coupled with reduced-rate access to the nation’s leading specialists for complex and catastrophic diagnoses, the Proactive MD model removes obstacles to care, reduces risk, and dramatically improves the quality of care for employees while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs for employers.

Savings Review for Proactive MD

Advanced Primary Care

Proactive MD offers clients a guarantee of their performance to reduce medical spending