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Wiser employees make healthier decisions. Quizzify’s mission is to create health-literate employees. Many workplace wellness programs employ misguided health challenges, ineffective health risk assessments, and expose private health information which may harm, rather than benefit, employees. Quizzify creates a health-literate workforce through entertaining, trivia-style quizzes which educate employees about health and healthcare. Monthly quizzes are made available to employees through a simple admin dashboard. Employees take the quizzes, earn points, gain knowledge, and begin to make healthier decisions almost immediately.

Quizzify warrants and indemnifies that its customers will be CAA-Compliant with respect to Quizzify’s disclosures.

CAA Compliance Certification

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Quizzify's ROI calculator

Quizzify’s ROI calculator gives a reasonable estimate of the frequency and cost of medical services, as well as the impact of a health literacy program.

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Health literacy promotion program

Health literacy provides more judicious use of medical services, especially emergency department visits and inpatient hospital stays.

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Quizzify2Go offers users step by step instructions for preventing getting charged more than two times Medicare rates for emergency care.