Validated Program Report

Sera Prognostics

Sera Prognostics delivers pivotal information in early pregnancy to physicians and expectant mothers, designed to enable them to improve maternal and neonatal health and reduce healthcare costs. Sera’s precision medicine PreTRM® test reports to a physician the individualized risk of premature delivery in a pregnancy, enabling earlier proactive interventions in women with higher risk.

Contractual Integrity Review for Sera Prognostics

The PreTRM® Test

Sera will show a reduction of 10% or higher of neonatal days

Savings Review for Sera Prognostics


On the cost side, that savings does not include the costs of an intensive prenatal care program or the possibility of perinatal admissions. The savings side does not include avoided costs in the first year(s) of life following discharge from the NICU, or lost work time or stress-related spending for parents whose child is in the NICU.