Validated Program Report

Validated Program Report

US-Rx Care

US-RX Care delivers Pharmacy Benefit Risk Management unlike any other service offered by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) of any kind, anywhere in the US. US-RX Care provide fiduciary pharmacy risk management to self-insured employers with a singular focus on balancing cost and quality care in the best interest of plan sponsors and their plan participants. US-RX Care is obsessed with service and quality of care – with no financial conflict of interest, no hidden profits and unrestricted transparency.

Contractual Integrity Review for US-Rx Care

US Rx’s model contract

US Rx’s model contract meets Validation Institute standards for transparency.

Savings Review for US-Rx Care

Fiduciary Pharmacy Risk Management Services

US-Rx Care’s Fiduciary Pharmacy Risk Management Services can significantly reduce self-insured employer pharmacy benefit spend compared to the Traditional Pharmacy Benefit managers.

Outcomes Review for US-Rx Care

Medicare Medication adherence for diabetes, hypertension, and statin drugs

US Rx Care significantly improves a plan’s diabetes, hypertension antagonist, and statin medication adherence