Validated Program Report


ViewFi is the world’s first virtual orthopedic and rehabilitation practice that serves as your front door to orthopedic care.

With Viewfi, now you can receive comprehensive orthopedic care from the comfort of your home. Whether you simply need answers as to what’s causing your pain, or you need a fully comprehensive experience that requires MRIs, X-Rays, medications, physical therapy, or an in-person visits with an orthopedic surgeon… No matter what, we’ve got you covered!

ViewFi was built by the best orthopedic surgeons in the world who care for some of the biggest names in sports. Our mission is to simplify the orthopedic care experience and deliver this same level of care provided to top athletes to everyone across the country.

ViewFi is on a mission to scale world class orthopedic care to the masses. By acting as your front door to orthopedic care, we will get you back on your feet and doing what you love faster than ever before!

Metrics Review for ViewFi

Musculoskeletal Care Model

Applying ViewFi’s musculoskeletal care model to a group that has usual care will show a reasonable estimate of lower service use, which would lead to lower costs.