Validated Program Report

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is the leading digital-first health and wellbeing company that empowers organizations across the globe to activate populations, improve health outcomes, and reduce spend in an era of accelerating cost and complexity. Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® connects data, people and technology to deliver high tech, human touch experiences that engage and reward individual journeys. Virgin Pulse impacts over 100 million people across 190 countries by helping Fortune 500, national health plans and many other organizations change lives – and businesses – for good.

Outcomes Review for Virgin Pulse

VP Activate for - Medication Adherence

Members of Virgin Pulse clients that utilize the Virgin Pulse VP Activate solution have higher medication adherence rates than similar members who do not use the solution.

Savings Review for Virgin Pulse

VP Engage

VP Engage users have lower per member per month medical costs than similar non-users. Users also have fewer Emergency Room visits per 1,000 members.

Metrics Review for Virgin Pulse

Predilytics’ Analytic Design Plan (ADP)

Validation Institute is able to provide validation for Predilytics, as they are well above the standard of using a methodology that is equivalent to or better than the most valid standard commonly used in their segment of the industry.