Vori Health

Validated Program Report

Vori Health is an all-inclusive medical practice using a holistic, integrated approach starting with musculoskeletal care. The organization offers full service physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine physician medical care, physical therapy, prescriptions, imaging & lab ordering, health coaching, registered dietitian nutritional guidance, community support and premium instructional content. The team consists of carefully selected, board-certified/licensed clinicians, and provides services that are accessible at the click of a button from the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home. Vori Health is different from other virtual companies which offer limited services such as only physical therapy, home exercise programs with health coaching, or physician consultations. They believe a fully integrated approach leveraging the skills of many healthcare professions is optimal to help members on their journey towards wellness.

Outcomes Review for Vori Health

Vori Health’s low back pain program

People who use Vori’s telemedicine interdisciplinary care program for low back pain are less likely to use imaging (x-ray and MRI), surgery, or injection services than similar patients. In addition, Vori program participants reduce their level of pain and improve their mental and physical health status.