Validation Institute Awards Welltok Three Validations: Health Analytics, Medication Adherence for SmartReach™ and Cost Savings for CaféWell®

Company Receives Analytics Validation for 6th Consecutive Year; Introduces Performance Guarantees for Three Top-Performing Solutions

DENVEROct. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Welltok, the leading consumer health activation company being acquired by Virgin Pulse, has achieved third-party certification by Validation Institute for its advanced health analytics for the sixth consecutive year. Welltok also received validation, including performance guarantees, for boosting compliance with its SmartReach™ for Medication Adherence solution and lowering medical costs for people using its CaféWell® platform.

“This independent review certifies that the predictive models built into our solutions are superior in the industry and deliver results that our clients will not receive anywhere else,” said Phil Fiero, chief analytics officer for Welltok. “Our analytics team is one of the best in the business, with a passion to put data and technology to work for a purpose: improving people’s health and wellbeing. To drive meaningful and sustained behavior change, you need to understand what people need and what they’ll likely do before they even know it, which is what we’ve been able to achieve year after year.”

Validation Institute is an independent, objective third-party organization that qualifies companies and approaches that deliver better health value. With three validations tied to performance guarantees, Validation Institute recognizes the value of Welltok’s consumer activation solutions and how they stand apart from others on the market:

  • Welltok’s health analytics, which serve as the foundation for all of its activation solutions, received validation for its predictive modeling efficacy. Over the past decade, Welltok has curated a database of 275 million lives and over 1,000 predictive variables, including social determinants of health like food security, financial stability, household composition, job status and more. Welltok’s superior data and analytics can predict with up to 90% accuracy individual needs and intent, which are proven to drive completion of more healthcare and wellbeing actions by better understanding and anticipating people’s needs, behaviors and preferences.
  • SmartReach for Medication Adherence was validated for driving better health outcomes by increasing medication adherence among the targeted population. With at least 50% of patients with chronic health conditions skipping medications or not refilling, many organizations are seeking effective ways to increase compliance. Welltok has the data, outreach capabilities and expertise to reach people with the right message. The company’s Medication Adherence solution delivers automated reminders, promotes use of generics, educates on mail order options and more.
  • CaféWell total wellbeing platform was validated for driving healthcare savings, with users having lower monthly medical costs than similar non-users. The platform connects individuals with personalized resources, incentives and information, which support daily living and promote best actions. For example, by proactively educating members about appropriate use of the emergency room Welltok was able to reduce associated costs by over 10% annually.

In addition to certification, Validation Institute will provide a financial guarantee for Welltok’s health analytics, SmartReach for Medication Adherence and CaféWell solutions as part of its Credibility Guarantee Program.

“Our validations are designed to help organizations cut through the noise and invest in solutions and partners that result in meaningful outcomes,” said Benny DiCecca, CEO and President of Validation Institute. “The long-standing validation of Welltok’s solutions prove that they are the real deal, consistently generating new insights and providing effective solutions guaranteed to improve medication adherence, reduce total medical costs and support better wellbeing too.”

About Validation Institute
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, third-party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Woburn, MA the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.

About Welltok
Welltok drives consumer actions that matter. Only Welltok can predict with up to 90% accuracy people’s needs and their likelihood to engage, and activate them with integrated multi-channel outreach to maximize results. By delivering personalized content and resources, Welltok ensures more individuals take critical actions like scheduling an annual check-up, selecting insurance coverage or refilling medications. As the award-winning consumer activation company, healthcare organizations and others trust Welltok to connect with their populations in meaningful ways. Watch this 90-second video to learn more.

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