Valid Points


Conversations about Real Health Care Benefits Solutions for Employers

ValidPoints is a bi-weekly podcast series focused on high-value health care solutions. Produced by Health Innovation Media for Validation Institute & hosted by Fred Goldstein. Follow us on twitter via @valid_institute, and subscribe to ValidPoints newsletter here.


Episode 5: Karen van Caulil, President & CEO of Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value

Health care purchasing coalitions aren’t particularly new, but many are leading the charge in new ideas around managing and purchasing healthcare benefits. One standout group among them is the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value, led by Karen van Caulil, PhD. This episode shines a light on the innovative initiatives of the organization, including their partnership with Validation Institute, to tackle the challenges many HR professionals face everyday. 


Episode 4: Brian Klepper on High-Value Health Care

High-value health care is more than just a buzzy phrase. It’s the best path for fixing America’s broken health care system. Brian Klepper, PhD, explains the challenges of managing costs in today’s largely fee-for-service health care market and offers up some remedies that can make a big impact on health outcomes and health plan spend. Hint: It involves high-performance health care niches, which includes everything from musculoskeletal management to sleep vendors to claim reviews. 

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Episode 3: A Conversation with Population Health Scientist Linda Riddell

We’re bombarded with data and information at work and at home, particularly too-good-to-be-true marketing claims, many of which relate to our most costly and important decisions like health care services. Linda Riddell has made a career of separating fact from fiction by closely examining data sources of health care vendors, ensuring their results align with promised outcomes. In this episode, Linda shares stories of data gone amok, measurement best practices, and the value of a “question everything” approach.


Episode 2: Al Lewis, CEO of Quizzify

Jeopardy-meets-health benefits education-meets-Comedy Central…that’s how CEO Al Lewis describes Quizzify.  Quizzify teaches client company employees how to get the care they need while avoiding the “care” they don’t…and does it all in a user-friendly and fun fashion.


Episode 1: RD Whitney & Validation Institute

On the inaugural launch of the Validation Institute podcast series ‘Validation Matters“, we chat with RD WhitneyCEO of Validation Institute. He discusses the genesis of Validation Institute, how we’re working to drive the demand for high-value health care across the industry, and how Validation Institute’s validation and certification programs are making it easier for employers to find high-value health care solutions.