How to Avoid Getting Sued Like Yale

Yale’s two largest unions (with the support of the AARP Foundation) just sued the University over its wellness program. The December 2018 “sunsetting” of the EEOC’s wellness Safe Harbor makes more such lawsuits inevitable.

In this webinar, we will cover the key points in the complaint and explain how Yale’s “rookie mistakes” led to this outcome.


You will learn:

  • How to measure the cost-effectiveness and effect on corporate culture of your wellness programs, to prevent dissatisfaction and lawsuits
  • Why and how the judge’s decision in the Yale case could affect YOUR program directly … in a negative and expensive way
  • How to totally inoculate your program against EEOC liability while improving its cost-effectiveness at the same time

About the Speaker

Al Lewis

Senior Advisor, Validation Institute & CEO, Quizzify Inc.

Al Lewis is widely considered the country’s leading expert on wellness outcomes measurement, through his authorship of the seminal textbooks Why Nobody Believes the Numbers and (with Tom Emerick) Cracking Health Costs, and the downloadable Outcomes, Economics and Ethics of the Workplace Wellness Industry.


Hosted by: RD Whitney, CEO, Validation Institute