SimpleTherapy – Validation Institute Podcast Ep 16

SimpleTherapy, a leader in digital MSK care solutions, has significantly enhanced its credibility and market position through a rigorous validation by the Validation Institute. This validation underscores the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of their platform, confirming substantial savings and improved patient outcomes. Their success story is a testament to the impact of verified healthcare innovations in today’s competitive market.

Key Takeaways from SimpleTherapy’s Validation

  1. Validation Enhances Credibility: SimpleTherapy’s validation by the Validation Institute has significantly bolstered its credibility. This endorsement confirms the efficacy and cost-efficiency of their MSK care solutions, making them a trusted choice in the healthcare market.
  2. Cost Savings: The validation study demonstrated that SimpleTherapy reduces musculoskeletal care costs by a remarkable margin. Employers and health insurers benefit from substantial cost reductions, highlighting the financial impact of SimpleTherapy’s care model.
  3. Improved Patient Outcomes: SimpleTherapy’s platform has been validated to not only save costs but also improve patient outcomes significantly. This dual benefit reinforces the company’s commitment to providing high-quality, accessible healthcare solutions.
  4. Market Position Strengthened: With the support of the Validation Institute, SimpleTherapy has solidified its position as a leader in digital MSK care. This validation acts as a powerful tool in promoting their services to new markets and expanding their user base.

Welcome and Introduction

Chief Executive Officer of Validation Institute:

Welcome everyone. Today we have Dr. Brett Sullivan, Medical Director for SimpleTherapy, joining us. Hello, Dr. Sullivan, and thank you for being here.

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Hello, nice to be here.

Discussion on SimpleTherapy’s Validation

Validation Institute:

SimpleTherapy is a company that leverages remote care and monitoring to assist individuals with various musculoskeletal issues. Dr. Sullivan, could you please give us an overview of the savings validation that SimpleTherapy received from the Validation Institute? Can you elaborate on how this achievement validates the effectiveness of your MSK care delivery platform in terms of cost savings?

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Absolutely. The Level One validation that SimpleTherapy achieved through this study is a significant milestone that confirms our platform’s effectiveness in delivering cost savings from musculoskeletal care.

This is our second validation with Validation Institute. The first one was aimed at metrics. In this study, we conducted a rigorous retrospective analysis of our users’ data, comparing their MSK-related costs before and after using SimpleTherapy.

The study found a remarkable 86 percent decrease in MSK costs, with a savings of $2,669 per user. We also compared these results with a matched cohort of non-SimpleTherapy users to demonstrate how costs typically progress in the absence of our platform.

The comparison revealed a 312.6 percent increase in MSK cost for non-SimpleTherapy users. The Level One validation signifies that our approach to MSK care delivery, which combines clinical expertise with artificial intelligence, is effective and generates substantial cost savings for employers, insurers, and health systems.

In fact, our savings are the highest in the market among all digital MSK solutions. The findings from the study validate our virtual-first care model and showcase the potential benefits of implementing SimpleTherapy’s comprehensive, accessible, and convenient MSK care platform.

Importance of Comparative Study Analysis

Validation Institute:

In the study, you compared SimpleTherapy users with a matched cohort of non-SimpleTherapy users to demonstrate the cost-saving effectiveness of SimpleTherapy. Can you elaborate on the importance of this comparison and how it strengthens the validity of the study’s findings?

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Now, this is important: the study’s comparison between SimpleTherapy users and a matched cohort of non-SimpleTherapy users is crucial for several reasons.

First, it helps eliminate the possibility of a regression to the mean effect, which might falsely attribute cost savings to SimpleTherapy when that could be due to natural fluctuations in healthcare spending.

By comparing the two groups, we directly demonstrate the effectiveness of SimpleTherapy in reducing MSK costs. Furthermore, this comparison strengthens the validity of the study’s findings by showing a clear contrast between the cost trends of SimpleTherapy users and those who do not use our platform.

In the study, SimpleTherapy users experienced a significant decrease in costs, while non-users saw an increase in their MSK spending, emphasizing the value of our approach to managing MSK care.

Surgical Cost Reduction and Innovative Approach

Validation Institute:

The study highlights a significant decrease in surgical costs as a primary driver of savings for SimpleTherapy users. Can you discuss the factors that contributed to this reduction and how SimpleTherapy’s approach differs from traditional methods of addressing MSK issues?

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Yes, the primary driver of cost savings in our study was the substantial reduction in surgical costs. SimpleTherapy’s digital MSK platform stands out due to its unique combination of personalized exercise programs, live video visits with licensed physical therapists, and a comprehensive suite of tools that help users manage and prevent MSK conditions.

The platform’s ease of use, convenience, and cost-effectiveness make it a prime choice for health plans and employers seeking to enhance the well-being of their members and employees.

What distinguishes us from traditional physical therapy and other digital care providers is our focus on clinical efficacy, accessibility, engagement, and cost savings.

Our platform merges years of clinical expertise with technology to create a personalized and effective treatment plan for each user. A recent Mount Sinai study supports the effectiveness of our exercise program in reducing pain and improving quality of life while emphasizing user engagement.

SimpleTherapy’s virtual-first care model prioritizes accessibility, convenience, and comprehensive clinical care delivery through licensed practitioners and a multi-disciplinary care team.

Unlike some competitors, we avoid relying on complex technologies like motion sensors or computer vision, ensuring a more accessible, cost-effective, inclusive solution.In summary, Simple Therapy delivers improved outcomes and reduced costs, meeting the needs of employers and health plans seeking an MSK care solution.

Our approach often diminishes the necessity for surgical interventions, resulting in significant cost savings while enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.


Enhancing Patient Engagement

Validation Institute:

In sticking with patient engagement, what role does it play in achieving the impressive cost savings seen in the study, and how does SimpleTherapy ensure that users remain engaged with the platform?

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Engagement is a critical factor in achieving the cost savings observed in the study. Active engagement with the SimpleTherapy program allows users to access personalized treatment plans and interventions that address their unique MSK needs.

To ensure that users remain engaged, SimpleTherapy offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform that prioritizes convenience and accessibility.

We continually refine our platform based on user feedback and incorporate new features and technologies that enhance their user experience.

By maintaining high levels of engagement, SimpleTherapy can consistently deliver effective MSK care, leading to the substantial cost savings demonstrated in the study.

Comprehensive Approach to MSK Care and Cost Savings

Validation Institute:

How does SimpleTherapy’s comprehensive approach to MSK care contribute to the observed cost savings?

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

SimpleTherapy’s cost savings and comprehensive approach to MSK care incorporates various conservative treatment modalities along the virtual-first care model to optimize recovery.

By addressing the root causes of MSK issues and providing tailored treatment plans, our platform mitigates the need for more extensive interventions like surgery and helps users avoid high costs associated with unnecessary diagnostic imaging and extensive rehabilitation programs. This holistic and targeted approach to care ultimately results in substantial cost savings for employers, brokers, and health plans.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Validation Institute:

This has been impressive information and all great stuff, and I appreciate you being here with me today, Dr. Sullivan.

Dr. Brett Sullivan:

Thank you very much and we’re so excited about our program.

Validation Institute:

As are we, and for everyone out there who wants to learn more about SimpleTherapy and their program, go to and download their validation report. I hope you all have a great day.

Chief Executive Officer of Validation Institute:

Thank you.



SimpleTherapy Validated Program Report

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