CHVP Learning Path

Certified Outcomes Report Analysis (CORA)

See a program in a broader context of people, places, and things. Learn how to source and understand the value of credible data.


33 minutes

Establishing Worksite Primary Care Arrangements

Develop an understanding of worksite primary health centers and clinic operations and the key considerations to explore when becoming involved with a worksite clinic.


25 minutes

The Rise of High Performance Health Care

Understand the current state of high-performance health care and how to identify opportunities for employer health plans to significantly improve performance.


20 minutes

Effective Population Health Management

Participants will review the Population Health Alliance Framework and will learn how to compare the program(s) being offered; assess the impact of a Population Health program; and define metrics used to measure program results.


20 minutes

Direct Contracting for High-value Healthcare Services

Understand the components of value-based healthcare; the different types of direct contracts; the players, expertise and resources involved in direct contracting.


30 minutes

Stop Loss: Finding and Monitoring the Right Coverage

This module provides a background on stop loss coverage, looks at contract types and markets, reviews underwriting principles and final underwriting processes, and explores the administrative requirements that stop loss insurance presents.


70 minutes

Optimizing Drug Spend

Explore the dynamics behind the prescription drug market, and learn how to navigate the market forces at play to design a cost-effective drug plan


61 minutes

Managing Bundled Pricing

Look at the employer-led revolution that is changing the landscape of health care plan design. Explore alternative payment models (APMs), including direct contracts, and provides guidance on setting fair prices and obtaining ROI, as well as engagement and communication strategies.


74 minutes

Bulletproofing Your Plan Design

Gain best practices for forming and administering a self-funded plan.


45 minutes

Managing Medical Stop Loss Captives

Learn who should consider a stop loss captive and why; the different types of stop loss captives available; and the essentials of forming and operating a captive.


54 minutes

Self Funding: Risk vs. Reward

This module examines the differences between fully insured and self-funded plans; stop loss and why it’s important in a self-funded plan; how self funding gives an employer more control over its health spend; and the role of a third-party administrator.


27 minutes

CHVP Capstone

Apply what you have learned in a writing vendor review.



CHVA Learning Path


The Certified Health Value Advisor (CHVA) course is a detailed, instructional program for brokers, advisors, consultants, employers, HR professionals, CFO’s and providers on delivering transparent, high-quality, and value-driven health benefits.


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