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Validation Credibility Guarantee

A First-Of-Its-Kind Financial Guarantee Making Healthcare Benefit Solution Provider Decision Easier

Validation Institute (VI) Credibility Guarantee

Customers of solution providers are often expected to rely on paid third party validations by, no matter obviously wrong they are, without recourse against the validator who produced it. Consequently, virtually every solution provider of scale has been “validated.” Yet most do not save money. Independent of VI, an entire website is devoted to invalidating spurious claims. As a result, customers increasingly and justifiably disbelieve “findings” by actuaries retained by the solution provider. By contrast, the Validation Institute offers customers of validated solution providers up to $25,000 guarantee for claims-based validations and up to $50,000 for program validations. These guarantees confirm that a validated solution provider will, in fact, achieve what the validation language on a marketing claim says it will achieve. The Validation Institute has been successfully producing validations for 6 years without challenge or appeal and will continue to do so with a guarantee in place for its customers. This Credibility Guarantee should draw a bright line between your marketing claim(s) and the claims of your competitor in all promotional efforts. The Credibility Guarantee is activated by putting your exact validation language into a customer contract, with approximately the following language:
If Customer feels that Contractor did not achieve what its validation language says it achieves, Customer may submit a claim up to $25,000 to the Validation Institute (VI). VI will review the claim and either pay it, offer a smaller payout, or request a binding, final finding by an arbitrator assigned by the American Arbitration Association.
If a claim is paid, the validated entity may either reimburse the Validation Institute, change the validation language to the satisfaction of VI, or remove it. In the latter situations, Customers must be notified that the original guarantee no longer applies. Likewise, if the validated entity drops its validation, customers must be notified.

CAA Compliance Certification for Validated Solutions

Upon achieving validation from VI, companies will also have the option to apply for a CAA Compliance Certification, which will state the following:

We [The Recipient] warrant that, above and beyond those clearly required by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, all disclosures are being/will be made that could, or could be perceived to, create a conflict of interest that would put the employer group in a position of violating its fiduciary provisions. This includes payments made to the employer group’s consulting or brokerage firm, or carrier, or principals of either, over the last three years for any reason, or any service provided to us by them, such as actuarial consults related or not related to the particular offering or customer in question.

We warrant this subject to a self-assessed penalty of the greater of $1,000,000 or five times the annual revenues for the customer in question.

“If an employee benefit provider comes to us promising an outcome or result, we would ask if that outcome has been validated by Validation Institute, and if not, why not? We would be interested in hearing the answer”