Validation Institute Announces Partnership with BioIQ to Validate Results of Its Healthcare Testing

First-of-its-kind medical testing validation to increase quality and improve health outcomes

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Independently verified health care vendor performance results.



Empowered health benefits purchasing.



Bringing healthcare purchasers and solution providers together.

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Our Mission

We believe transparency can transform healthcare purchasing to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Validation Institute advocates for a results-based, outcome-driven market with a three-pronged approach: validating vendor performance, educating the buyers of healthcare, and creating an exclusive community where the two can connect.

About Us

Validation Institute is an independent, third-party resource for health care purchasing professionals, health care vendors, and benefits advisors. Our focus is on transparency across the healthcare market as a way to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes. We move this forward by assuring that a vendor’s performance claims will materialize in practice, that healthcare buyers are educated on key health value and purchasing topics, and that the two sides have an easier time connecting.