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Investing in HEALTH: Actionable Strategies to Shift Focus from Sick Care to Health Care

February 2 | 1-2:00 PM ET

Healthcare stakeholders and consumers are constantly trying to navigate a broken, challenging healthcare delivery system.

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The Future of Work: Building a Culture of Equity, Trust, and Purpose

February 16 | 1-2:00 PM ET

In the last two years, employers have had to deal with several critical issues including challenges posed by the pandemic, hiring and retaining the right talent, and effectively engaging their employees while keeping their morale high.

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Your 2023 Healthcare Game-Changer: Pharmacogenomics

99% of all individuals have at least one genetic mutation that would adversely affect their response to medications.

Small genetic differences mean a medication that is beneficial for one person could be extremely dangerous for another. For this reason, pharmacogenomics (PGx) is becoming such a valuable tool in personalized medicine.

How Fertility Benefits Can Save Your Company Money

Fertility treatments and other family-forming journeys like adoption are notoriously expensive, costing tens of thousands of dollars on average. It may seem counterintuitive, then, that providing employees with fertility benefits can actually help reduce healthcare and other costs.

Reimagining Healthcare: A Ceo’s Guide to Taking Control of Employer Healthcare Costs

Join Rosen Hotels & Resorts Founder and CEO, Mr. Harris Rosen and his team to learn how employers can be innovative and deliver top-notch health and wellness programs to employees.

MSK Care: Employer Strategies to Address The Highest Cost Low-Hanging Fruit

With many competing priorities for improving clinical outcomes and lowering costs, most employers are forced to prioritize among several worthwhile, high-need sectors of care.

CEOs on the Fiduciary Hook: New Legal Obligations on Health Plans

While every merger or acquisition is to some degree unique, there are lessons to be drawn from past M&A transactions—both triumphs and failures.

Fundamentals of Employee Well-Being

The connection between employee well-being and organizational care cannot be ignored. And as much as organizations may prefer to keep things simple, the truth is, employee well-being is a complex, ever evolving, and unique experience for everyone. In this webinar, hear Limeade Institute researcher Jessi Crast discuss the factors that influence whole-person well-being and the important role of care.

New Provider Insights on Using Data to Drive Healthy Behaviors and Improve Outcomes

Empowering patients and providers with digital solutions that inspire proactive behavior change is part of the reimagined future of health care. This is a top priority for many of today’s health systems, coupled with the shift from providing episodic to continuous care to both their rural and urban populations.

Supply Chain Risk Management in a Crisis: How to Minimize Costs and Improve Efficiencies

An era of unprecedented challenges in hospital supply chain is forcing managers to reassess the risks inherent in their systems and surge plan models. Join this webinar to find out how to streamline key apparel and PPE supply chain challenges, from leading hospital system executives. Review the playbook on how business continuity and catastrophe planning practices created a sound basis of operations, while adding advanced data analysis and surge plan modeling to make accurate projections of critical apparel, PPE, and scrub supply needs.

Adopt a Customer-Centric Strategy to Optimize the Member Experience, Improve Star Ratings, and Close Care Gaps

With consumer-experience related metrics now determining more the 57% of overall Star ratings by 2023, it is important for MA plans to not only focus on quality and closing HEDIS care gaps but to also prioritize member experience and engagement. Moreover, the pandemic has underscored the need for plans to strengthen their outreach efforts and reengage their members to ensure they receive timely access to care.

The Power of One – How AI Will Personalize Employee Experience

As managers and leaders, we often spend our time looking at aggregate data, trying to find trends and insights we need to take action on. But it’s hard to know how many people those insights will actually help – the parents that are trying to adopt their first child, the manager that’s completely burned out, or the employee that doesn’t feel included in her team.

Examining the Role of Telehealth in Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Chronic Disease Outcomes

The swift adoption and uptake of telehealth services during the pandemic has further pushed digital divide concerns into the spotlight. Combined with existing racial and socioeconomic barriers, this widened a disparity of both access and outcomes for certain communities.

Choosing the Right Digital MSK Solution for Your Workforce

Greater than 50% of adults will have a musculoskeletal (MSK) issue each year. MSK issues are the top cost driver for employment and medical costs, more than cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. COVID-19 has disrupted where and how employees work, accelerating consumers’ demand for virtual health care and digital solutions. Likewise, employers are recognizing that adding effective digital solutions to their health care ecosystem is not simply a nice-to-have but a competitive advantage.