The Future of Pain Care Is Digital: How Virtual Physical Therapy Can Match In-Clinic Outcomes

We are facing an epidemic of chronic pain, with the National Institutes of Health recently reporting that new cases of chronic pain now outnumber depression and diabetes.

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Digitally delivered physical care programs can and should be part of the solution. However, up until now, a key question remained: Can virtual physical therapy be as effective as the gold standard of in-clinic treatment? A new study published last month in the journal Nature provides the answer. We now have peer-reviewed evidence that digital physical therapy programs can indeed drive health outcomes that are equivalent to in-person care. Join Dr. Vijay Yanamadala, Sword Health’s Chief Medical Officer; a Sword Health physical therapist and patient, to discuss this groundbreaking study and what it means for millions of people and employers looking to cut medical costs and deliver effective, affordable care to their populations.