Investing in HEALTH: Actionable Strategies to Shift Focus from Sick Care to Health Care

Healthcare stakeholders and consumers are constantly trying to navigate a broken, challenging healthcare delivery system.

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Whether it’s an employer looking for the most cost-effective care and benefits for their employees, or an individual seeking personalized healthcare services from their plan or provider, acting on health has always been reactive vs. proactive. While the industry is making efforts to move to value, majority of the care model tend to focus on high-cost, tertiary care patients: people who are already sick and struggling.  And yet, data shows us time and again how we can save money, time, and lives by helping people prioritize their health.

How did we get to this point?  And what can we do to pivot from SICK-care to true HEALTH-care?  This webinar will explore how employers can shift the paradigm of care. Learn how plan sponsors have designed and invested in new approaches that promote prevention, holistic health and well-being, and improved outcomes for all types of populations, including those who may be at-or high risk, and/or dealing with chronic conditions.

  • Gain insights into developing programs and creating experiences that are tailored to the unique health needs of individuals
  • Explore novel approaches to proactive care management that prioritizes whole-person health and influences healthy behaviors
  • Understand the value of focusing on disease prevention including increased productivity, better mental health and well-ebing, lower cost of care, and improved outcomes