How the Diabetes Management App Klinio Reached the Final of Cigna Innovation Challenge


By Kasparas Aleknavičius, MD
Head of Medical Affairs
Kilo Health

Nowadays, the global health and wellness industry is on the rise. With a nearly 2-year-long pandemic, people are even more concerned about their health and well-being.
In turn, the market and demand for health care tools are growing. One research shows that the health market itself is already worth $1.5 trillion. So, what sort of trends in the field of health and wellness could be expected in 2022?

1. Focus on health equity
To reach a broad user audience and meet everyone’s needs, the product has to promote diversity and adapt to user preferences. One of the products that highly concentrates on the concept of health equity is the Klinio app.
Klinio is a diabetes management app helping users with weight loss, blood sugar control, activity tracking, and medication logging. This mobile app offers over 45,000 recipes from several different cuisines giving a wide variety of meals for users to choose from.
What’s more, Klinio comes at a price accessible to anyone seeking control over their diabetes and weight.
Finally, the content is easy and straightforward for everyone, regardless of their level of health literacy or awareness of medical concerns.

2. A need for personalization
Every person is different with their own needs and preferences. Even though the concept of privacy is becoming more valued, people are more open to personalization.
For instance, the Klinio app offers an entirely personalized plan for managing diabetes. It specifically creates a meal plan according to users’ eating habits, allergies, or ingredients they like or dislike. The same goes for workout plans generated according to users’ abilities, time preferences, and others.

3. Consumers take their health into their own hands
Since more people focus on their health, they begin taking health and its management into their own hands. Over the years, we’ve seen a rise in smartwatch usage. Here, people started to track their blood pressure, physical activity, sleep quality, etc., to motivate themselves to do better and be aware of any changes happening.
Klinio is a digital tool that allows users to track numerous health metrics such as blood glucose levels, water and calorie consumption, daily activities, or HbA1c to better observe and manage their overall health. Furthermore, they would be able to share information on their health progress at doctor’s appointments.
Finally, Klinio believes that not everyone diagnosed with diabetes will be able to tackle their condition straight away. That’s why it offers educational content called Klinio Academy, helping users get to know their condition better and learn how to manage it daily.

With this particular approach to user demands, Klinio entered the Cigna challenge and reached the final.
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