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MedEncentive Presents Research Poster at Wisconsin Health Literacy Conference

CEO Jeff Greene describes how promoting health literacy succeeded in State of Oklahoma experiment

MADISON, WI – (April 4, 2017) MedEncentive LLC, a leader in digital solutions for healthcare cost containment, presented a research poster entitled Achieving the Triple Aim by Advancing Health Literacy with Interactive Incentives and Information Therapy at the Wisconsin Health Literacy Summit. The annual conference took place on April 4 and 5 at the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in downtown Madison. The conference was sponsored by Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL), and attracted attendees from across the country.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how many people attended the conference, and that they came from all over the U.S.,” said Jeff Greene, MedEncentive CEO and founder. “It simply attests to a growing awareness of health literacy’s importance, and its impact on health status and medical costs.”
Greene added, “Being able to present the concept of promoting health literacy with interactive incentives and information therapy to an enlightened audience was particularly gratifying.”
The poster Greene presented featured a description of MedEncentive’s three-year pilot with the State of Oklahoma, a pictorial depiction of how MedEncentive’s web-based information therapy program functions, and graphs of the pilot’s preliminary outcomes. The graphs illustrated increasing patient and provider participation in the program throughout the pilot, declining hospitalizations and emergency room usage, and cost savings that generated a 2.4 to 1 return on investment in the pilot’s first year. The pilot’s second and third-year results are pending.
The Triple Aim referenced in the poster’s title is defined as simultaneously improving health and healthcare in a manner that lowers overall medical costs enough to produce a return on investment, in a normally distributed population. Information therapy is defined as providing the right information at the right time, so patients can make informed decisions about their health and healthcare.
About MedEncentive LLC
Located in Oklahoma City, MedEncentive LLC offers a patented web-based and mobile-enabled incentive system designed to control healthcare costs for employers, insurers and governments by encouraging healthy behaviors and best clinical practices. What sets the MedEncentive Program apart is how it uses financial incentives to invoke more powerful psychosocial motivators inherent to the doctorpatient relationship. In effect, doctors and patients earn financial rewards for accessing MedEncentive’s proprietary web applications to declare or demonstrate adherence to performance standards, plus agree to allow the other party to confirm or acknowledge their adherence. This system of interactive checks and balances, referred to as “doctor-patient mutual accountability™,” aligns and triangulates the interests of the healthcare provider, consumer and payer to create a win-win-win. MedEncentive is also well-known for its use of “information therapy” to advance health literacy, the leading indicator of health and healthcare costs. For more information, visit: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
About Wisconsin Health Literacy
Wisconsin Health Literacy (WHL) is a statewide organization raising awareness of the importance of health literacy and fostering better communication between health care consumers and health care providers. WHL is a division of Wisconsin Literacy, Inc., a nonprofit coalition representing a membership of 77 community-based literacy agencies.