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Validation Institute Announces Partnership with BioIQ to Validate Results of Its Healthcare Testing

Woburn, MA – (September 24, 2020) – Validation Institute announced today a new partnership with BioIQ for first-of-its-kind medical testing validation. This partnership will validate the impact of screening and diagnostic testing, providing clarity in decision-making for employers, insurers, TPAs/brokers, communities, and consumers. The institute furthers the 15-year mission of BioIQ, the only aggregator of testing solutions and optimizer of lab capacity in the U.S., to prevent disease and protect lives and businesses with accurate, timely, and cost-effective testing programs.
“Many healthcare testing providers in the marketplace claim to be effective, but there is a lack of independent validation of the impact their services have on outcomes and cost of care,” said Josh Sclar, M.D., MPH, BioIQ chief medical officer. “At a time when reliable information is paramount to saving lives and driving real value in healthcare, the Validation Institute will increase quality and bring clarity to the market.”
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, third-party organization that verifies the accuracy of marketing and data claims made by healthcare solution providers. Its new partnership with BioIQ ensures that all members in BioIQ’s national network of laboratories, suppliers, and vendors adhere to the highest standard of integrity and performance.
“I founded Validation Institute in 2013 as part of Care Innovations, the Intel/GE healthcare joint venture, to bring reason and high standards to performance claims by healthcare vendors. I am extremely proud of its growth and expansion since then – and excited to apply its desperately needed scientific expertise and trusted reputation to the diagnostics and testing industry,” said Sean Slovenski, BioIQ CEO.
The partnership will enable validation of the rapidly expanding market of inexpensive, patient-friendly tests for COVID-19, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, blindness, and other potential life-altering conditions. This new generation of testing transforms access to essential medical care in the U.S. by bringing the care to people to where they work and live.
“Our work with BioIQ aligns with our mission to change the way healthcare is purchased and administered. This partnership allows our team to highlight companies that are meeting and exceeding the needs of the marketplace. Together with BioIQ, we hope to change the way healthcare stakeholders access information and identify high quality, value-based, cost-effective solutions providers today and in the future,” said Benny DiCecca, Validation Institute CEO and president.
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About Validation Institute
Validation Institute is an independent, objective, third-party organization on a mission to improve the quality and cost of healthcare. Based in Woburn, MA, the organization is made up of a network of health benefits purchasers, health benefits advisors, and healthcare solution providers focused on delivering better health value and stronger outcomes than conventional healthcare.
About BioIQ
BioIQ is modernizing the diagnostic testing industry through a national network of labs and customized solutions that support payers, employers, and consumers. By aggregating testing solutions, optimizing lab capacity, and integrating testing with customers’ needs and strategies, BioIQ ensures resilience and reliability so that employers and can protect workforces and members. With its first-of-its-kind health connectivity platform, BioIQ is uniquely positioned at the convergence of population health and the consumerization and retailization of healthcare to drive the shift to value-based care for payers and employers. Since 2005, BioIQ has launched thousands of successful health testing programs serving millions of participants. For more information, visit