Validation Institute Certifies Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset Program

Leading Independent Researchers Provide Third-Party Validation on Program’s Outcomes and Offer Credibility Guarantee to Members

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Calibrate, the leading clinician-guided and value-based obesity treatment program, announced that its Metabolic Reset program has been verified by Validation Institute, an independent and objective third-party organization providing data-driven insights on health care solutions providers. As part of this process, the program’s nutritional component was also recognized by Validation Institute’s FoodMed Certified initiative.

After a thorough review of Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset program, Validation Institute certified that those who participate in the program on average lose weight, reduce their waist circumference, and can successfully taper-off weight loss medications while still maintaining clinically significant weight loss. Validation Institute also extends a credibility guarantee to Calibrate for any claims that the program does not fulfill the assertion made in the report.

“Today’s third-party certification by the Validation Institute is proof positive of Calibrate’s commitment to demonstrating real results,” said Rob MacNaughton, Calibrate’s CEO. “By regularly publishing our data and outcomes, we are advancing the rigor and accountability in our category. Calibrate is the pioneer in this sector and we remain dedicated to ensuring people have access to effective treatment. These results also indicate that our solution can be a driving force to reduce total cost of care.”

Validation Institute’s comprehensive review focused on 16,098 people who enrolled in Calibrate’s Metabolic Reset and completed at least 12 months of the program with at least one month of access to a GLP-1 medication.

“This validation certifies Calibrate’s unique position in addressing the nation’s obesity crisis through a combination of lifestyle changes and doctor-prescribed medication,” added Kristin Baier, MD, Calibrate’s Vice President of Clinical Development. “Real results backed by comprehensive data has always been Calibrate’s North Star, and today’s findings by the Validation Institute demonstrate our unwavering commitment to clinical excellence and our impact delivering sustained health outcomes across populations.”

In January, Calibrate released their Third Annual Results Report, which represents the largest real-world dataset of GLP-1 medications coupled with intensive lifestyle intervention and surpasses the outcomes observed in GLP-1 medication clinical trials of popular medications like Wegovy and Ozempic. The report includes data on over 16,000 members and highlights a 16.2% average weight loss at 12 months and 17.9% average weight loss at 24 months. Further, Calibrate continues to lead the industry with its focus on sustainable outcomes after use of obesity-indicated GLP-1 medications, demonstrating that members who discontinued GLP-1s are able to maintain clinically significant 10%+ weight loss at least six months post-taper. Calibrate is the first and only commercial obesity treatment program to publish real-world data on a member cohort of this size.

About Calibrate

Calibrate is on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. As the leading clinician-guided and value-based model in obesity treatment, Calibrate is setting a new standard with a digital program that combines medication with transformative behavior change to improve overall metabolic health and cost-effectively sustain long-term weight loss results. Calibrate’s value-based approach delivers sustained outcomes and transformed lives while reducing the total cost of care for employers and payers.

Calibrate has been recognized by the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, TIME’s Best Inventions, and the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable Traction Awards. The Company is backed by leading healthcare investors, including Madryn Asset Management, and Redesign Health.

About FoodMed Certified

FoodMed Certified is the first certification and validation initiative for Food as Medicine programs. It delivers added transparency and improved decision-making for employers, healthcare organizations, and patients, by assuring that through Validation Institute’s tried and true validation framework, FoodMed Certified programs have undergone an extensive, evidence-based review, with clear measurement standards. More information is available at

About Validation Institute

Validation Institute provides unbiased, data-driven insights on healthcare solutions and services by validating performance claims made by solution providers and educating purchasers to drive transparency in the marketplace and maximize cost-savings. More information is available at


Sean Edwards
VP of Marketing
Validation Institute

Read Calibrate Validation report Here

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