Validated Program Report

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Founded in 1978, Avēsis is a leading administrator of supplemental insurance benefits for government and commercial plans. Rooted in the communities we serve, Avēsis prides itself in delivering innovative products and services while placing our more than 6.6 million members at the center of everything that we do. To learn more, go to Avēsis.com.

Outcomes Review for Avēsis

Avēsis' service

Avēsis achieved a gross reduction in the number of dentists writing opioid prescriptions exceeding 3 days from 241 to 71, in Aetna’s statewide network.

Savings and Outcomes Review for Avēsis

Avēsis’ In-office anesthesia services

Avesis has achieved a 30% reduction in costs by arranging for in-office general anesthesia for surgical dental procedures vs. hospital-based dental surgery.