Validated Program Report

Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute

Founded in 2007 by 10 private practice orthopedic surgeons, the Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute (CJRI) has become a nationally recognized center-of-excellence for joint replacement surgery. We are a data-driven organization with over 20 clinical protocols that guide our standardized care delivery and have enabled us to continually measure our outcomes. With a laser focus on health outcomes, clinical experience and the true cost of care (the healthcare value equation) we have established a relentless commitment to excellence. Our registry contains outcomes data on nearly 50,000 patients and is our crown jewel. We are proud that over 3000 patients each year have their surgery performed at CJRI and that we are one of the highest volume arthroplasty institutes in the United States. It is an honor to be a validated program under the Validation Institute

Outcomes Review for CJRI

Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute’s Joint Replacement Surgery

CJRI’s total hip arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty, total shoulder replacement, and reverse shoulder replacement patients have lower rates of Emergency Room visits, hospital readmissions, and Periprosthetic joint infection within 30 days of their surgery than rates found in published peer-reviewed literature.