Validation Report

EmpiRx Health

EmpiRx Health is a healthcare company that provides a full suite of pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services and specializes in very effectively bending the pharmacy benefits cost curve. In an oversaturated PBM market dominated by some large Fortune 50 players, EmpiRx Health differentiates itself by being the only risk-bearing PBM with a highly innovative set of cost containment solutions. Leveraging a differentiated clinical strategy based on tailored population health management and deep physician engagement, EmpiRx Health offers guaranteed savings, a 24×7 white-glove service experience, and market-leading Rx benefit trend. The result is a 5-year old company with 250K+ members, 30% YOY membership growth and 98% client retention rate, with a stellar reputation for cost containment, clinical excellence and customer intimacy.

Metrics Review for EmpiRx
EmpiRX PBM Solution
EmpiRx uses claims data to identify patients whose medication can be optimized at a lower cost while maintaining or improving quality
Savings Review for EmpiRx
EmpiRx’s program
EmpiRx clients have decreases in pharmacy costs year after year.

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