Validated Program Report

Validated Program Report

Isaac Health

Isaac Health is a virtual and in-home clinical service for dementia and other brain health conditions. Isaac Health partners with health systems and payers for screening, diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care management at a population scale. Developed by leading neurological specialists, Isaac Health’s proprietary care model is evidence-based and comprehensive, including services like medication management, cognitive rehabilitation, counseling, and psychosocial support. All of Isaac Health’s clinical services are in line with the gold standard of medical care, covered by insurance, and allow for fast access to specialists within days, not months.

Isaac Health’s mission is to radically improve access and brain health outcomes for the population. Its thoughtful workflows and technology are built specifically for those at risk for and affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related neurological disorders — all to help patients and their families be as healthy and happy as possible, for as long as possible.

Savings Review for Isaac Health

Isaac Health’s service

Isaac Health participants have lower frequency of emergency room visits, and fewer days of inpatient hospital care than similar people who are not in the Isaac Health program. The lower use of services leads to lower costs.