All growing health care organizations struggle for visibility. Within the vast health care universe, thousands of companies strive to be noticed as better and different than others competing in the same spaces.

Organizational health care buyers face an overwhelming signal-to-noise challenge, trying to discern whether programs improve quality and cost and, if so, by how much. It’s a market beleaguered by untrustworthy information, and it’s an arrangement that favors vendors’ interests—at the purchaser’s expense.  That’s where we come in.

Validation unlocks superior marketing potential with a stamp of independently verified outcome measurements for specific, individual healthcare programs and services.


“Validation Institute helped us choose a measure of how our program impacts people, one that was easy to administer and was valuable to employers, our target market.  It has helped us to attract more business, and to monitor our program’s success in improving people’s health status. I would definitely recommend joining the Institute!”

Lisa Leit, CEO, Executive Coach, and Motivational Teacher

Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness

We provide four types of validation programs.



The calculator uses reliable and linked data sources, reasonable parameters and estimates, but allows the users to change certain assumptions. The calculator produces credible estimates of an intervention’s impact. The intervention has been shown in published literature to be correlated with the impact.
Program Impact — Savings The program has been shown to the Validation Institute’s satisfaction to produce savings.
Program Impact – Outcomes The vendor has used credible data about a population receiving the program and reliable measures (either from a published source or modeled closely to standard measures) to estimate impact.  The intervention has been shown in published literature to be strongly correlated with the impact.
Program Impact – Metrics The vendor has a credible measure (either from a published source or modeled closely to a standard measure) of the program impact.  The measure has yet to be applied to data from a population receiving the program. The intervention has been shown in published literature to be correlated with the impact.

We help make it as easy as possible for purchasers to have confidence in vendor performance claims by:

  • Systematically reviewing the analytical elements — the data sources, data and calculations — of a vendor’s performance claims, to see whether they align with promised results.
  • Applying the strictest accepted standards to the measurement of population health outcomes
  • Provide a “stamp of approval” that the vendors receiving validation can, to a reasonable degree, supplant or bolster the purchaser’s due diligence, giving purchaser confidence that actual outcomes will be close to those that were promised

Simply put, we show performance reports are correct and accurate.

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“Our focus is on transparency – improving health outcomes and lowering health care costs – for our clients and their families. The Validation Institute moves this forward by assuring that a vendor’s performance claims will materialize in practice.”


Michael J. Rodgers, Jr.
Principal and Managing Partner, Axial Benefits Group