Performance Validation Services

Performance validation makes it as easy as possible for health care purchasers to have confidence in the vendor partners and providers they choose to work with. Our attention to detail helps vendors sell smarter and purchasers buy with confidence. 

Validation unlocks superior marketing potential with a stamp of independently verified outcome measurements for specific, individual health care programs and services.

Simply put, we show performance reports are correct and accurate. Here is an example of typical net savings with select high performance health care programs.


Systematic Review of Analytical Elements

Strict Standards

Validated Performance Seal

Data scientists review the data sources, data, and calculations of a vendor’s performance claim to see whether they align with promised results.

We apply the strictest accepted standards to the measurement of population health outcomes to ensure our list of validated programs truly represent high-value health care.

Validated programs receive a “stamp of approval” in the form of an exclusive seal showcasing the vendor’s achievement while also signaling to health care purchasers that they can utilize the program and be confident that actual outcomes will be close to those that were promised.

  • Data Consultation

  • Perfect for start-ups and organizations with limited data.


    • Our data scientist will outline a journey to get you on the path to validation.
    • Receive a “Validation Pending” seal to showcase your organization’s commitment to verifying performance claims.
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  • Validation

  • Showcase performance claims accuracy with our “Independently Validated Performance” seal.


    • Begin with a consultation kick-off call with a data scientist who will review your organizations data.
    • Our data scientist will review the report with your team.
    • Receive a copy of the validation report and seal upon successful data review to share with clients and prospects.
    • Get web exposure from our Validated Programs page, as well as our online directory, eXchange.
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  • Marketing Services

  • Customizable value-add opportunities for validated vendors.


    • Exhibit in the exclusive Validated Vendor area at our upcoming live events
    • Reach 5,000 contacts via email blast communication
    • Get featured in our monthly newsletter, ValidPoints
    • 3-minute Validation Report explainer video with our CEO
    • Sponsor an educational webinar promoted by Validation Institute
    • Broaden exposure with a press release
    • Spotlight blog post about your organization and validated program
    • Sponsor listing on our online vendor directory, eXchange
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We provide four types of validation programs.

Contact us to find out which is the best fit for your sales and revenue goals.

“Validation Institute helped us choose a measure of how our program impacts people, one that was easy to administer and was valuable to employers, our target market.  It has helped us to attract more business, and to monitor our program’s success in improving people’s health status. I would definitely recommend joining the Institute!”

“Our focus is on transparency – improving health outcomes and lowering health care costs – for our clients and their families. The Validation Institute moves this forward by assuring that a vendor’s performance claims will materialize in practice.”

Lisa Leit
CEO, Executive Coach, and Motivational Teacher, Happy Whole Human Institute of Holistic Wellness

Michael J. Rodgers, Jr.
Principal and Managing Partner, Axial Benefits Group