Mastering Open Enrollment: 2023 Recap and Health Plan Strategies for 2024

December 13 | 1 - 2:00 PM EST

Join this webinar to recap the open enrollment process for health plans in 2023 and discover actionable insights for planning and executing in 2024.

Health plan leaders will review the challenges and successes of 2023, providing a comprehensive overview of the trends, participant behaviors, and dynamics that shaped the healthcare landscape.

Learn from the experiences of leading health plans and uncover the key takeaways from 2023, including consumer preferences, regulatory changes, new digital tools, and market shifts. Our experts will share insights on successes and challenges while providing a roadmap for health plans to better plan and execute their open enrollment strategy in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data and Tech: How to leverage cutting edge technology, data, and member engagement to optimize enrollment and retention.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Updates: Stay informed about the latest healthcare regulations and compliance requirements to ensure a smooth open enrollment process.
  • Member-Centric Approach: Discover how a member-centric approach can enhance the enrollment experience, drive member satisfaction, and improve retention rates.

Presented By

Dan Sweeney
Senior Vice President
Relay Network
Purvee Parekh Kempf
Deputy Executive Director
DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority

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