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MedEncentive Joins U.S. Delegation to Canadian Health Conference

Company’s healthcare cost containment program has international appeal

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – (November 3, 2016) MedEncentive, LLC, a leader in the area of healthcare cost containment, has been invited to join the U.S. Department of Commerce delegation to Health Achieve 2016, one of Canada’s largest health conferences. The conference will take place in Toronto, beginning November 7 through November 9.

“We are honored to be invited to this important event as guests of the Department of Commerce,” said Jeff Greene, MedEncentive CEO and founder. “Our invitation comes as a result of the Canadian patent we earned recently. It is also a testament to how our program’s concept of promoting health literacy to improve health and lower costs, can be exported throughout the world.”
The MedEncentive program compensates physicians for accessing its website to prescribe relevant educational content to their patients with each office visit. The patients are directed to the website at home after their office visits, where they can earn a financial reward when they complete their information therapy prescriptions by demonstrating to their doctors their understanding of the prescribed content. This process is referred to as “learn to earn.”
The program also creates a beneficial check and balance between doctors and patients that motivates better care and healthier behaviors, referred to as “mutual accountability.”
“I am pleased our office was able to coordinate with the U.S. Consulate in Montreal to facilitate MedEncentive’s invitation to Health Achieve 2016,” said Ashley Wilson, International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce. “We think this will be an excellent opportunity for MedEncentive to learn about the Canadian healthcare system and make valuable contacts to help them export their services to Canada.
About MedEncentive LLC
Located in Oklahoma City, MedEncentive LLC offers a patented web-based incentive system designed to control healthcare costs for employers, insurers and governments by encouraging healthy behaviors and best clinical practices. What sets the MedEncentive Program apart is how it uses financial incen- tives to invoke more powerful psychosocial motivators inherent to the doctor-patient relationship. In effect, doctors and patients earn financial rewards for accessing MedEncentive’s proprietary web appli- cations to declare or demonstrate adherence to performance standards, plus agree to allow the other par- ty to confirm or acknowledge their adherence. This system of interactive checks and balances, referred to as “doctor-patient mutual accountabilityTM,” aligns and triangulates the interests of the healthcare provider, consumer and payer to create a win-win-win. MedEncentive is also well-known for its use of “information therapy” to advance health literacy, the leading indicator of health and healthcare costs. For more information, visit: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.