VIVIO Health

Validated Program Report

As a Public Benefit Corporation, VIVIO is dedicated to understanding specialty drugs better than anyone else and uses that knowledge to ensure every patient is on an effective, and affordable, drug therapy. VIVIO is transforming the way employers and health plans think about pharmacy benefits by focusing on better health outcomes. VIVIO empowers its customers to make informed decisions based on science and clinical data. VIVIO is conflict-of-interest free, and its leadership does not believe in profiting from any increases in drug prices or utilization. VIVIO’s only source of revenue is an administrative fee.

Typically, VIVIO saves large and mid-sized self-insured employers 30-40% of their current specialty drug spend.

Savings Review for VIVIO Health

Specialty Drug Management

VIVIO’s personalized and evidence-based approach to specialty drug management, which does not exclude drugs or use a formulary, results in lower costs for employers as compared to a traditional PBM program.