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About VIVIO Health

As a Public Benefit Corporation, VIVIO is dedicated to understanding specialty drugs better than anyone else and uses that knowledge to ensure every patient is on an effective, and affordable, drug therapy. VIVIO is transforming the way employers and health plans think about pharmacy benefits by focusing on better health outcomes. VIVIO empowers its customers to make informed decisions based on science and clinical data. VIVIO is conflict-of-interest free, and its leadership does not believe in profiting from any increases in drug prices or utilization. VIVIO’s only source of revenue is an administrative fee.

Typically, VIVIO saves large and mid-sized self-insured employers 30-40% of their current specialty drug spend.

Key Takeaways on The VIVIO Health Savings Report

VIVIO Health, a Public Benefit Corporation, specializes in the management of specialty drug treatments, focusing on providing effective, affordable drug therapies through an evidence-based, patient-centered approach. As a leader in transforming pharmacy benefits management, VIVIO Health leverages deep industry knowledge to deliver significant savings to employers and health plans without compromising on patient outcomes.

  • Significant Cost Reduction: VIVIO Health has demonstrated the ability to reduce specialty drug spending for large and mid-sized self-insured employers by 30-40%. This substantial cost savings is achieved through their unique model that avoids traditional formulary restrictions and focuses on personalizing treatment to ensure clinical effectiveness and cost efficiency.
  • Per Member Per Month (PMPM) Savings: Analysis comparing an employer’s specialty drug costs year-over-year showed that VIVIO’s management led to a 39% reduction in PMPM costs. This significant decrease highlights VIVIO’s capacity to manage drug costs effectively under its innovative model, which emphasizes clinical data and direct negotiations with suppliers to lower prices.
  • Evidence-Based Drug Management: VIVIO’s approach involves detailed assessments of clinical effectiveness and financial impacts, ensuring that every medication provided under their management is both clinically effective and cost-effective. This method supports better health outcomes by aligning patient treatment plans more closely with the latest scientific research and clinical data.

Savings Review for VIVIO Health

Program Name: VIVIO Health's Specialty Drug Management

Program Claim: VIVIO’s personalized and evidence-based approach to specialty drug management, which does not exclude drugs or use a formulary, results in lower costs for employers as compared to a traditional PBM program.

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