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What Is Healthcare Vendor Performance Validation?

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace


PayMedix is an innovative payment solution designed to solve the problem of soaring out-of-pocket costs for providers, patients, employers and TPAs. PayMedix guarantees payments to

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace


Renalogic is committed to managing risk associated with dialysis and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). We empower clients with our proprietary repricing, risk-stratification and specialty case

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace

Capital Rx

Capital Rx is built around the mission of changing the way prescription drugs are priced and patients are serviced.

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace

Texas Medical Management

Texas Medical Management is a Free Market Medicine solution in Texas for surgical procedures, which offers competitive, transparent prices on surgical procedures across a broad range of specialties, both outpatient and inpatient.

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace


finHealth helps self-insured employers find and recover payment errors that occur when processing medical claims in a self-funded health benefit plan.

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