Validation Reports

What Is Healthcare Vendor Performance Validation?

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Musculoskeletal Management


ViewFi is the world’s first virtual orthopedic and rehabilitation practice that serves as your front door to orthopedic care. With Viewfi, now you can receive

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Audit - Transparent Marketplace


PayMedix is an innovative payment solution designed to solve the problem of soaring out-of-pocket costs for providers, patients, employers and TPAs. PayMedix guarantees payments to

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Inspera Health

Inspera Health targets a unique and expensive segment of high-cost claimants, those with five or more simultaneous chronic conditions.

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Digital Health Platform

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is the leading digital-first health and wellbeing company that empowers organizations across the globe to activate populations, improve health outcomes, and reduce spend in an era of accelerating cost and complexity.

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Primary Care

BizMed Solutions

BizMed provides a platform to integrate and facilitate the administration of quality improvement initiatives and value-based reimbursement models including technology and services to enable and accelerate adoption of Advance Primary Care.

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

EmpiRx Health

EmpiRx Health is a healthcare company that provides a full suite of pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services and specializes in very effectively bending the pharmacy benefits cost curve.

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Population Health Management

US HealthCenter

The PredictiMed™ program offers group members a health risk assessment and then provides customized interventions.

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Fertility & Maternity

Carrot Fertility

Carrot Fertility is the leading global fertility benefits provider for employers, built to support employees through their entire fertility healthcare journey.

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Musculoskeletal Management


We knew there had to be a better way—a convenient alternative that is designed around individual needs, guided by orthopaedic principles and best practices, and highly affordable.

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